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Leisure Entertainment

The KTV of the New Venetian Hotel has trendy decor, shocking sound effects, that creates a good social atmosphere and an elegant environment. It’s well-furnished by well-known designers and well-equipped, the songs are fast-updated as well. A high-quality and thoughtful service are offered to welcome all the guests.
Introduction of KTV:
【Open hours】
Please contact the counter for the charge info between 6:00 pm -06:00 am
【Room Type】
1. General Private Rooms (Capacity: 8 persons )
2. VIP Rooms (Capacity: 10-18 persons )
3. Presidential Room (Capacity: 20-35 persons)
1. Alcohol, fruit plates, snacks, drinks, light meals, etc can be included in the minimum order with unlimited time.

2. There is a separate toilet, a separate stage with dynamic and dazzling lighting effects, 60-inch dual screens, and tableside service.
Gym / Yoga Room:
【Open hours】 24 hours available for free